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My daughter has attended three Nike Water Polo camps and cannot wait to attend her next. She continues to learn new techniques and truly enjoys the time she spends at camp. It has been a positive learning environment and renews her love of polo each time.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would recommend Nike camps to everyone. My daughter came home excited and wished every practice she had was taught by Mr. Kerr. Her goals were set higher than I have ever heard from her and she has a determination to improve. I only wish I could have had my 2 other kids available to attend with their sibling. 


My kids were excited to be there and were made to feel like they had potential. They felt as though the hard work was worth it because they felt so good about themselves and left camp excited to try out their newly acquired skills.

Santa Cruz, CA

My 13 year old came home excited at what she was taught and was able to teach her 16 yr old brother and 11 yr old sister some of the training techniques. ALL 3 of my kids want to attend the camp next time, and I will gladly send them!!

San Diego, CA